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CrashPlan PROe: Backup for Faculty and Staff


  •  Automatic and silent
  •  Backs up user data
  •  Unlimited backup
  •  Up to four devices per user
  •  Data is encrypted
  •  Use on campus, at home, and on travel   
  •  Easy to use web interface
  •  Email notifications for missed backups
  •  Support documentation available


  •  Cross-Platform Protection:
    •  Windows
    •  Mac OS X
    •  Linux
  •  Securely access data on:
    •  iOS
    •  Android
    •  Kindle Fire mobile devices

The Clark School of Engineering, Math Department, and Physics Department have partnered together to offer their faculty and staff an automatic desktop backup solution using CrashPlan PROe.


A market leader in enterprise endpoint backup, CrashPlan PROe is efficient, secure and easy to use. It runs silently in the background and requires no user intervention. Users can quickly and easily restore data on their own, to any device.


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